TED presents… ‘Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team’

This is not the first time I write a post in English, but I would like to begin this post clarifying that I have decided to do so regularly. The main reason is that it is a nice way to keep my English ‘fresh’, although I have to admit that I should be paying attention to my German; English is my bet because if I chose German I would need to start looking for new readers… and, to be honest, my English is much better.

Ok, so let’s go straight to the point. I assume that most of you already know about TED. Is there someone out there who has not heard about this community yet? Come on, wake up! You are missing something fantastic! Can you afford it?

I knew about TED reading the amazing book ‘Los próximos 30 años’, written by Álvaro González-Alorda (I promise a review as soon as I read it again, there are some issues I want to go over). TED spreads thoughts, experiences, challenging ideas; it delivers true inspiration to change our world and this is the reason why I do recommend it to you.

I have chosen today a presentation offered by Tom Wujec in February 2010 about the ‘marshmallow problem’ and it is funny and intriguing at a time. I am convinced that teamwork is one of the skills that should be developed through formal education, but the truth is that it isn’t; it is, in fact, one of the abilities that is developed at work (without forgeting alternatives such as sports and volunteeering).

Well, I have written enough. Here it is a presentation about thinking out of the box, synergies and design. Enjoy it!

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