¿Corporate blogging?

The truth is that B2B marketers are still giving their first steps in Social Media. Facing the perception of irrelevance but knowing, at the same time, that results can be measured. ¿Something to think about? In 2009 Business.com discovered that B2B marketers who use social media tend to do so more extensively than their B2C counterparts. The best approach will be different for every company, depending on its profile; probably this ‘social matrix’ should help to make a correct analyse.

Things don’t come easy, but I do believe that intelligent blogging is one of the best options for B2B marketers as it can become an excellent way to show expertise, increase traffic, spread news among clients, identify emerging trends, etc. Even more, a corporate blog can become an invaluable source of credibility and humanity.

I like this presentation of Stephen Davies because it is an objective reflection about past, present and future of corporate blogs. Enjoy it and share your thoughts!

Corporate Blogging A Dying Fad

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