Life. Paradox. Utopia.

I receive the Gapingvoid newsletter everyday. Some cartoons are amazing, some are a bit crappy, but normally it worths the time. In fact I own three original cartoons from Hugh McLeod and probably my small collection will grow in the future.

Sometimes the best of the newsletter is not the cartoon itself, but Hugh’s explanation. It’s really curious how he is able to throw light, re-interpret or give new meanings to his own stuff. This one is entitled ‘Love Is Good’.

Hugh McLeod - Love Is Good

This is a cartoon I do like, specially this quote from Hugh:

‘The thing is; the older you get, the more paradoxical everything becomes, especially the important stuff’.

I was thinking a couple of days ago that I don’t know how many times I heard ‘God is Love’ when I was a kid. Today I think that it may be just the opposite: ‘Love is God’. Life is full of paradoxes, so… are you ready to turn everything upside down? Because this has a lot to do with the quest for innovation and, why not, perfection. Mere Utopia, I know, but I am sure that you remember the following words of the always inspiring Eduardo Galeano…

Utopia lies at the horizon.
When I draw nearer by two steps,
it retreats two steps.
If I proceed ten steps forward, it
swiftly slips ten steps ahead.
No matter how far I go, I can never reach it.
What, then, is the purpose of utopia?
It is to cause us to advance.

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  1. jerry januszewski says:

    No, the one thing you must not do is say “Love is God.” Yes, paradox abounds in life. But to say Love is God is to make a god in your image. God is love. But to say love is God is to make a deity of your need. That’s the fast road to misery.

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